Axel de Montalembert alias Phoebus


Axel de Montalembert was born on July 21, 1993.
From an early age, he spends all his time surveying the shelves of libraries looking for new fantasy worlds to discover. Ogres, dragons, knights and princesses occupy his mind all day and night. This fascination not ending with age, the young man prefers to write fantastic stories rather than to do his homework.
In 2012, he discovers the finnish metal band Nightwish, and it’s a revelation: he will be an opera singer, and he will also create his own symphonic metal band!
In 2019, with the help of long-time friends Colin Gautier (for the video aspect) and Lyam Abel-Smith (for the marketing aspect), he creates the PHOEBUS project, which, at the beginning, was a “vocal tribute” to his three favorite bands (Nightwish, Epica & Within Temptation). It seemed essential to him to pay tribute to those who had shown him the way, before developing something by himself. After finishing his covers, he talked about what he achieved with this project to his friend Adrien Djouadou and asked him to become the composer of the story he was writing for the next step, his very own band. Together they wrote and composed “Ferrum Fero Ferro Feror” in April 2020, they recruited musicians and they let the vocal cover project PHOEBUS behind to become the power symphonic metal band known as KNIGHTS OF HELIOPOLIS !

Axel’s in KNIGHTS OF HELIOPOLIS is Phoebus
Phoebus is a knight/alchemist, traveling through time and space in order to bring freedom to people. His name from Greek means ”Solar God” or “Light Bearer” : that’s why he wears the Golden Sun, symbol of hope and universal freedom. It’s the exact opposite of the Black Sun, symbol of oppression and hatred, worn by his nemesis: the Beast.
Phoebus also wears a piece of armor on the left arm, referring to the angel Gabriel, the left hand of God.